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Modern Times Clippings 340/382

Heinz Liepmann, World Film News, London, England, April 1936.

Modern Times Reissue Poster Drawing, 1970s,

Chaplin For The Ages

& Fernand Leger vor seinem Chaplin-Bild

(...) Querschnitt, Berlin, Aug. 1928

& There was a cubic man and he walked a cubic mile

and he found a cubic sixpence upon a cubic style.

He had a cubic cat which caught a cubic mouse and they

all lived together in a little cubic house – „A slight

attack of third dimentia (sic) brought on by excessive study

of the much-talked of cubist pictures in the

International Exhibition“ Armory Showat New York“

by John French Sloan, April 1913

„Sitting next to Chaplin“

Editorial content. „At the Chaplin Film with Chaplin

      By Heinz Liepmann“

     – „Heinz Liepmann is one of the most promising of the younger

German novelists outside Germany. His book, Wanderers

in The Mist, got for him the Harper Prize in 1930. He also wrote

Peace Broke Out and Murder Made in Germany.“ –

      „Four days before the New York premiere of Modern

Times, a waiter in a dirty, back-street hotel went upstairs to present

a bill for the third and last time. But he was too late.

He found a little old man lying dead with a frightful roaring

laugh still fixed on his face. The little old man was

Alfred Rothapfel known the world over as ,Roxy,‘ builder and

creator of the modern super-cinema – builder of the

Rivoli where Modern Times had its premiere.

      And it was ,Roxy‘ that Chaplin spoke when I talked to him

that night.

      I had been asked, as an exported ,intellectual,‘ to say a few

words on the opening night, and was told that I would meet

,him.‘ So, of course, I went.

      A rostrum was put up in front of the screen and at intervals

the music stopped and ,celebrities‘ were pushed out from

the back. My turn came. I made a little speech, there were a few

hand-claps, and I was in the darkness back-stage again.

I wandered off, feeling my fright now it was over, and longing

for a cigarette, forbidden in American cinemas. Suddenly,

right at the side where the fireman stands, I saw three glowing

tips. I went over. There were three men and a woman. She

was leaning over the back of the chair of the youngest man. I said

,Hullo‘ and sat down. As I lit my cigarette I saw I was sitting

next to Chaplin.“ (...)

      This is purely fictional. There has been no personal

      appearance of Charles Chaplin at the Modern Times world

      premiere is in New York Feb. 5, 1936 at the Rivoli

      Theatre. Chaplin can‘t be in New York at that day, because

      he is in Los Angeles.

      Rivoli Theatre, Broadway at 49th Street, New York.

      „Chaplin Poster Criticised

      A simple and memorable design. Instantaneously

recognisable likeness, drawn with great sensibility. Could have

been one of the most distinguished recent advertisements,

had McKnight Kauffer‘s drawing been left unimpaired by advertiser‘s

self-willed and discordant typography. Zéro.“

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