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Motion Picture, New York, April 1936.

Not the least remarkable feature of „Modern Times“ is the welcome

it has received. Charlie‘s popularity is as great as ever.

(...) Photo, Silver Screen, April 1936


      Rating: 99 44 / 100° – SEE YOURSELF AND LAUGH!

      CHAPLIN writes his own story and he acts the

main part (his own Paulette Goddard does most of the rest).

He directs and produces and does it all perfectly.

He is older, but turns a corner on one leg with the same

perfection of humor. He will make $2,000,000 from

this picture and deserves it. No one has a better right to point

out the greatness of individualism than Chaplin. His

ridicule of our honest, dumb, quantity-production worker

is the subject of The Final Fling.

(...) Silver Screen, April 1936

& The Final Fling

      Wide World Photo. Charles Chaplin and Paulette Goddard.


      WHEN an artist shoves his creation out the studio door

into the world, after five years of thought, study and

revision, we may analyze it, secure in the knowledge that

there are hidden deeps and, possibly, touches of

irony and satire which a casual glance might not detect. (...)

                                                       Eliot Keen


(...) Silver Screen, April 1936

& Silver Screen‘s Picture Thermometer

      „Modern Times“ 100

(...) Silver Screen, April 1936

„Face the world together“

Editorial content. „The Talk of Hollywood

      Who is who in Hollywood and who is doing what?

      Here is your chance to know all of the very

      latest inside answers!

      GRETA GARBO has reaped a million dollar‘s worth

of publicity anent the secluded life she leads.“ (...)

      Modern Times Scene. „Chaplin & Goddard. Charlie and

Paulette face the world together in Chaplin‘s film,

Modern Times“     

      In the text the couple is not mentioned.

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