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Harrison's Reports, New York, January 5, 1935.

The Count of Monte Cristo Poster

& Vacationward. Darryl F. Zanuck, 20th Century production

chief, and Mrs. Zanuck, met in New York

by Joseph M. Schenck, head of 20th Century.

(...) Photo, Motion Picture Herald, May 12, 1934

& View showing Charlie Chaplin sitting on a curb with

the Hollywood Hills and „Hollywoodland“ sign

in the background, Los Angeles 1926, Water and Power

„Better for them if they joined some old men‘s home“

Editorial content. „United Artists

      The chief producers for United Artists are Darryl Zanuck,

formerly producer for Warner-First National, and Samuel


      Mr. Zanuck is, as I said in my correspondence from

Hollywood, a dynamic personality and whatever he may lack

in certain characteristics he more than makes up by his

youthful enthusiasm and his courage.“ (...)

      „Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Charles Chaplin –

they do not amount much to the box-office any more. It should

have been better for them if they joined some old men‘s

home, or women‘s, as the case may be; they have outlived their usefulness. The latest ,atrocity‘ (Private Lives of Don Juan)

of Douglas Fairbanks (Sr.) demonstrates conclusively that any

money spent on a picture with this star in the leading part

might just as well be thrown into the ocean. Even if he were

to make good pictures, the unsavory publicity that has

surrounded his name lately might take them unprofitable for

the exhibitors.

      Edward Small (Reliance) produces one now and then.

Count of Monte Cristo was one of his productions this season;

it has proved an excellent box office attraction. But he is

not yet producing enough pictures to make his presence felt.“ (...)

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