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Motion Picture, New York, February 1937.

Although several ,scoop hounds‘ have taken credit

for „letting the cat out of the bag“ – declaring that

Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard were married (the latest

being their friend, Randolph Churchill of England)

yet Charlie and Paulette keep mum.

(...) Photo, Motion Picture, Feb. 1937

& Address. Dr. A. H. Giannini, United Artists president,

told members of the Association of Foreign Correspondents

at a luncheon last week that films have important part

in world relations. (L. to r.) Nino Martini, Paulette Goddard,

  1. A.Bernard Maloney, Dr. Giannini, Walter Huston,

Rouben Mamoulian and William Wyler.

(...) Motion Picture Herald, Oct. 24, 1936

„They‘ve been married for more than a year“

Editorial content. „Once again the are-they-or-ain‘t they?

puzzle about Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard

excites Hollywood. Although, for the life of me, I can‘t see why

Hollywood still gets exited over whether or not she

is Mrs. C....! Recent dither was caused by the talking-out-of-turn

of Randolph Churchill, son of Great Britain‘s noted

political leader, now in Hollywood on a visit. After visiting

with Charlie and Paulette, Randy said: ,While I´m not at liberty

to quote Mr. Chaplin directly – ahem! – I can definitely

say that they are married.‘ He added they‘ve been married for

more than a year, and both ,have very definite reasons

for maintaining secrecy.‘ To all of which Chaplin and Paulette

said nothing – but they‘ve been snubbing the outspoken

young Churchill ever since.“

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