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Modern Times Clippings 341/382

Spike Hughes, World Film News, London, England, April 1936.

Little man – what now?

      When Modern Times came out I went to see it, full

of faith despite City Lights, to see Chaplin come back. I laughed

a lot but after the show I was dubious. (...)

      Before City Lights and Modern Times he was everybody‘s

little man, typifying man throughout time. (...)

      Without slapstick a Chaplin film is dead; it moves

slowly if at all. (...)                       

                                                                          JOHN TAYLOR

(...) World Film News, London, Aug. 1936.


„The distorted use Charlie Chaplin makes of The Internationale

Editorial content. „MUSIC IN FILMS


      Almost the only aspect of Modern Times that has not been

discussed by the critics is its music.“ (...)

      „Music should be functional

      I have, at this moment, no views on the function of music

in films. I am merely reflecting that, so far, the most

successful use of music has been made when it has been

used as a gag.

      Thus, on reflecting upon Modern Times, I remember the

distorted use Charlie Chaplin makes of The Internationale

and the ,Look out boys, here comes a copper!‘ phrase from

The Policeman‘s Holiday. Each of these moments was

a gag, a little commentary by the director on the action of the

film.“ (...)


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