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Exhibitors Trade Review, New York, November 10, 1923.

Edsel Ford, Charles Chaplin, Henry Ford at the Ford Factory

in Highland Park, Michigan, 1923

& Modern Times Scene

„Conducted Chaplin through the Ford manufacturing plant“

Editorial content. „Chaplin Hobnobs With Henry Ford

      All of Detroit Greets ,First Citizen of Hollywood,‘

      and Acclaims Him the Real ,Wag of the World.

      ON Monday, October 16th, Charles Chaplin violently

broke a long standing rule of his own and cut loose

with a personal appearance in Detroit, which kept that city

in a turmoil of delight from eight o‘clock in the morning

until midnight.“ (...)

      „The outstanding incident of the day was Chaplin‘s meeting

with Henry Ford. The big main plant of the automobile

king was visited by the comedian in tow of the greeters, and

Mr. Ford himself was there to do the honors.

      One of the newspapers quoted Ford as saying: ,Mr. Chaplin,

I came in from Dearborn, twenty miles, to meet you.‘

Chaplin is reported to have replied, ,Mr. Ford, I came all the

way from Los Angeles to see you.‘ The repartee brought

them a big laugh.

      At that moment a bevy of cameramen crashed

the sanctum where the celebrities were gathered and demanded

a pose. It is said that for the first time in the Ford history

a picture was posed for in the motor genius‘ private office.

      In fact, Ford smiled and replied, ,We certainly will do

anything for a man that can make us laugh,‘ and the picture was

snapped with Henry Ford and Edsel Ford on either side

of Chaplin. Later shots also were taken in portions of the Ford

plant, though Mr. Ford and his son Edsel personally

conducted the cinema star.“ (...) 

      Photo. „Henry Ford and his son Edsel“ Here written Edsal.      

      „conducted Chaplin through the Ford manufacturing plant.“

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