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Film Daily, New York, May 8, 1932.

Charlie Chaplin chats with Tokyo Mayor

Seiran Nagata on May 14, 1932, Japan Times

& Charles Chaplin, Japan 1932

& Charlie Chaplin believes in that old wheeze about doing

in Rome as the Romans do – but whoever said

anything about Japan? Was Charlie fussed when he had to sit

cross-legged when he was invited to tea in Japan –

and how could he crook his little finger when there wasn‘t any

handle on the cup? Why, he even has his shoes off

and doesn‘t seem any too happy about it either. But the real

Japanese thought it was a swell joke.

(...) Photo by Keystone, Photoplay, August 1932

& This is one of the pictures globe-trotting

Charlie Chaplin brought home with him to prove he was

in Japan. Brother Syd looks on while Charlie

does his stuff for the amusement of his Japanese admirers.

(...) Photo by Associated Press, New Movie, Sept. 1932

„To continue his Far East tour“


      Singapore – Charlie Chaplin, who has been in a hospital

here undergoing treatment for dengue fever, sailed

Friday with his brother, Sydney, to continue his Far East tour.“

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